He just stood there, looking around, not knowing exactly what just happened. Yes, Coach Jim Harbaugh (#15 FCIL) was stunned. It was a crushing loss, with Michigan ready to punt the ball and seemingly win the game against Michigan State, only to have the punter drop the ball (after a somewhat wayward long snap), pick it up, and have it knocked out of his hands. Michigan State ran the ball in for a touchdown, and thus ended the game. You can watch the video below.

We’re going to put steel in our spine, Harbaugh said after the game. Played winning football. Didn’t get the result. Welcome to football. Move forward.

Sounds a little like Presidential hopeful Donald Trump (#15 FCIL), and Harbaugh’s lack of immediate and outward reaction was akin to “The Donald” as well. Remember that the #15 FCIL is one of the slowest designs to react emotionally (especially in crisis), and in turn make a decision too quickly. Rather, they will gather all the information needed, and then make their decision decisively. If you saw the game, Harbaugh hardly flinched on the sidelines as the one of the most bizarre plays in sports history unfolded against his team. Most other BTs would have flipped out especially the Right brainers! Also, can’t you just picture #15 stoic Bill Belichick, in a similar scenario, reacting as did Harbaugh?

Returning to politics for a moment, all of the other Republican candidates beyond #15 Trump are #13 FCIRs, and will be much more prone to emotional reaction, pulling the trigger faster should they become Commander In Chief (unless they have given a subject much thought in patient, quiet moments).

At any rate, Michigan has two weeks to get over the stunning loss and move forward to become bowl eligible. Regardless of what happens, CEO Harbaugh has taken a struggling football team and turned them into contenders, and it’s no surprise to BT enthusiasts.

Written by: Staff
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