We have a million dollar question for you. That is, the answer would be worth a million dollars to many owners in the NFL. Additionally, there’s even a financial incentive in it for you;  yet it’s less than 7 figures.

The question concerns defensive lineman Greg Hardy. For those of you out-of-the-know, he reportedly slammed and choked his girlfriend last year, bruising her badly and throwing her onto a sofa covered with assault rifles. Photos were recently released showing bruises all over the body of the young woman. Hardy was arrested, and last year convicted of assault in a bench trial, but the charges were later dismissed on appeal, after a reported pay off.

So, here is the question. Can you guess Hardy’s inborn Brain Type? (Yet please understand this does not implicate any one BT as being any more evil than another. We pose this distasteful issue for an opportune teaching time, since it illustrates both nature and nurture influences that only BT can explain. We are the lone ones to have the real story behind the story.) Continuing on, have you seen Hardy interviewed? Have you noticed not only his words, but body language and facial expressions? Also, have you watched how he plays on the field? Have you noticed his state of (lacking) contrition after the incident back in 2014, even up to the present? If not, you need to do so in order to train yourself to become a truly competent Brain Typist. Also, you might be surprised he may not possess the Brain Type you’re thinking right now.

Below are four videos of “The Kraken” for you to evaluate.


Now, here’s our offer. Those who guess his Brain Type correctly will receive a free month’s subscription to the BTInsider ($9.95 value). To submit your answer, simply EMAIL US HERE.

We will post the answer tomorrow, along with some explanation!

Written by: Staff