There are few Brain Types that can be gifted at ignoring you. That is, when their minds are focused on something else, or you just have nothing to offer them, or they don’t plain like you, acting as though you’re invisible is not difficult for them. To ignore you on national television for a good 15 minutes, however, takes a special kind of “mean,”  and that’s exactly what Martha Stewart (#15 FCIL) did when she appeared on “Ellen” last week to cook along side the show’s hostess and actress Drew Barrymore (#13 FCIR).

The headline reads, “Martha Stewart utterly ignores Drew Barrymore on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it is epic,” and goes on to read, “Drew, who shot to fame as adorable Gertie in 1982 flick E.T., was like a kid in a sweet shop as she repeatedly attempted to gain Martha’s attention. But she wasn’t having any of it. The TV personality had eyes for Ellen DeGeneres alone as she described how to make a very alcoholic autumnal sangria.”

Why was Martha ignoring her? No one really has any idea. Perhaps the flitting and flighty actress is not a personal favorite of the publicly mild-mannered, ‘chief executive officer’ Stewart.  After all, Barrymore has been that way ever since she was a little girl and flat-out lied to director Steven Spielberg (#14 BCIRto be cast for a roll. “I lied to him. I lied my face off. I told him I was in a rock and roll band. And that I was a cook,” she said. “I sold myself and told my little stories.”  While the unique and cerebral Spielberg didn’t hire her for the job, he did end up casting her shortly later for “E.T: The Extraterrestrial.”

Yes, if a #15 doesn’t like you, or has no use for you, or is simply irritated by you, don’t be surprised to see the cold shoulder (unless they’ve been raised right – or by two loving Animates!). Martha’s beef with Barrymore is only too perfect a living, breathing example.

Written by: Staff
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