He’s the new Speaker of the House, and the youngest to take the coveted position in over 150 years. Replacing embattled John Boehner (#7 FEIL), he is described as “cerebral,” and was reluctant to take the position because it would take time away from his family. His name is Paul Ryan, and we told you of his #15 FCIL Brain Type back when he was running alongside Mitt Romney (#15 FCIL) for Vice President.

Before we go on, it’s interesting to note that majority leaders in recent times have been primarily Left brain dominant, including Boehner, Nancy Pelosi (#15 FCIL), and Harry Reid (#16 BCIL). The position certainly requires the superior organizational skills of the Left brain, but like every other dimension of life, a healthy dose of cognitive balance is necessary for proper and ethical functioning. Congress has had its fill of logistic and strategic methods, but an infusion of truly democratic conciliation procedures and personalities are much needed. One needs the ability to carefully articulate matters in a way that brings both sides of the aisle together.

In stark contrast, Congress supreme leader in recent years but now deposed, impersonal and tyrannical Harry Reid, wielded his unbalanced fist perhaps more than any bicameral legislator in U.S. history. Though sharing Abraham Lincoln’s innate Brain Type, Harry’s nurturing values ventured elsewhere, with civility and freedom for all lost concepts. Congressional Speakership essentially requires the opposite approach.

Paul Ryan is a polished, well-spoken, highly articulate, conciliating, and competent Q3 politician, and it’s little wonder why he was chosen primarily by the Republicans.

“He’s liked on both sides of the aisle. I think he understands that … He talked about getting involvement of all the members, and not just a few members, “ said Rep. Randy Neugebauer of Texas. Yes, if there is one area in which a #15 is gifted, it’s delegating and getting everyone involved among those who are not slothful, but serious.

For years Paul Ryan been keen on balancing the budget, but already has been forced to raise the national borrowing ceiling and now must “pivot to a high-stakes debate over funding the government the following month.”  He must certainly work within his means, but conservatives are hoping and praying that he doesn’t capitulate as frequently as did sunlamp John Boehner during his tenure short term. Otherwise, his term may end prematurely.

Written by: Staff
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