In light of recent terrorist attacks, the world is engaging in hot debate over gun control. Of course, in Paris, it’s virtually impossible to get a gun, while in Southern California the laws are also quite strict compared to much of the United States. Chiming in with some words of reality recently was former sports star Deion Sanders, a #5 FEIR. Neon Deion, known for his flashy ways on the football field (also played professional baseball), went on to say that “Guns aren’t picking up themselves and pulling triggers on their own. I think people are doing that. It says more about people than it says about guns.

Watch the video below.

Sanders is the only celebrity interviewed in the video who actually addresses the issue from a practical, Empirical viewpoint, while “My heart goes out to them,” “gun violence needs to be stopped,” and “we’re more alike than different” are poetically reiterated by the others. We need to be looking at people, Deion argues, and not inanimate objects.

Written by: Staff
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