So, where is your happy place? That is, when you’re down the dumps, what do you turn to, or where do you go, to escape reality? For some it’s food, for others television, but for Derrick Favors of the Utah Jazz, it’s comic books.

Yes, comic books, and yes, Derrick is 24 years old. What may even be more surprising to some BT enthusiasts is that he is a hard-to-find #3 FEAL public figure (including pro sports and NBA). Just when you thought only Conceptuals enjoyed the world of fantasy, think again. For Favors, however, it helps aid his lacking imagination. “My outlet was going to comic books because it got me out of this world and put me into that world and let me use my imagination. It helped me out a lot. It helps me get my mind off stuff by just going there, reading comics to get a laugh or use my imagination. I read it and try to visualize that maybe I’m in the comic.

Now of course, imagination and fantasy for Empiricals, such as #3s, is not in the same realm as inborn Conceptuals. To say the least, Cs extend their imaginations far beyond the normal realisms visited by Es. Thus, Mr. Favors escape into his comic books cannot be equated with his opposite Brain Type, the #14 BCIR, who could easily find his escape by envisaging principles of the universe (like Einstein).

The here-and-now young power forward is having a very good year thus far, putting up stats on both ends of the floor, averaging 17 points a game and 8 rebounds. Back to the subject of comic books, Derrick takes care of them in typical Left brain fashion, keeping 40 comic books his uncle gave him in protective plastic to preserve the covers and pages. He also said his prized comic books are in an undisclosed safe place and that he has no plan of selling them. “I don’t want to get rid of them because I cherish them. That’s my childhood.

As a dominant Animate, we understand you, Derrick. We understand.

Written by: Staff
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