Coach Byron Scott (#6 BEIR) sees Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant as similar players. “Well,” he clarifies, “Tim has a quiet passion for the game, where Kobe is a little more outspoken for how he loves to play this game. They have so many things that are similar that you just can’t see with the naked eye. Those two guys are competitive; Tim is just quiet in the way he does it.”

Those unfamiliar with Brain Typing don’t have the slightest clue just how similar Tim and Kobe really are. As Byron pointed out, there are things undetectable to the naked eye, and yet the properly trained naked eye can detect every nuance that makes both Duncan and Bryant #2 BEARs. Yes, we have been saying this for over 20 years now when and before both players even entered the league. They share the same genetic, inborn design, while possessing dissimilarities due to nurture, neurochemical variables, and even genes from Mama and Papa up-lines (not to mention health and lifestyle differences).

Staying true to the ‘Methuselah’ reputation for #2s in sports, Kobe is now playing his 20th season, while Tim is in his 19th (and for their same respective teams!). Both also have won 5 NBA championships.

Written by: Staff
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