Are you familiar with Justise Winslow, the new rookie for the Miami Heat squad? He Tweeted something the other day that has people wondering. In response to Wikipedia’s request for donations last week, Winslow Tweeted, “Wikipedia asking for donations… Might have to do it. Wouldn’t have gotten thru high school without it. Definitely not duke .”

People think he’s joking, but we are prone to think otherwise. “Hopefully Winslow,” one source writes, “who spent a year at a top academic school like Duke University, is simply joking. After all, using Wikipedia as a source on a university-level paper probably wouldn’t fly for any non-student-athlete.”  Justise is a #1 FEAR, and while they can do well in academics if a lifestyle of many self-disciplines have been embraced (atypical for #1s unless fostered by solid parenting or other structural influences). Female #1s, usually with greater Left brain involvement, tend to excel more with the books, but regardless, FEARs are not drawn to the Conceptual world of higher education unless the emphasis is in the pragmatic and Empirical realms. With good parenting and hard work (females more often), they are not typically known to be Albert Einsteins. Back to Justice, it seems he had a moment of here-and-now honesty, and that honesty could cost him a few laughs at his own expense. As most of us BT students know, #1s often do not think of long-term consequences; after all, even tomorrow may seem like eternity to them.

Take a moment today to review BTI’s body-skill charts. While you’ll notice the head region to be a nice dark black for the CI ‘owls’, it’s quite white for the EA ‘doves’.

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