Let’s face it, the #16 BCIL enjoys control. While they don’t often appear as outwardly domineering as their outgoing counterparts, the #15 FCILs, behind the scenes #16s are the master manipulators, carefully crafting plans to achieve goals and ensure their agendas get accomplished. This can be positive, or negative, depending on their moral values and personal character.

So what if I handed you a a 15-page contract to sign before I let you interview me? Would you sign it? That’s exactly what Prince Charles is doing, according to The Independent. The reclusive Prince of Wales, who attempts to portray a personable public persona, will only speak to broadcasters on the condition that they sign a 15-page contract, which recently led to the cancellation of an interview due to be conducted by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News at the British ambassador’s residence in Paris, on the eve of the Paris climate change talks. The contract states that an interviewer of Prince Charles may solely ask questions previously approved, and if they (Charles, et al) are unhappy with the final product, they can remove the contribution in its entirety from the program.

Nice! One source, in fact, accurately described the heavy-handed control as reminiscent of North Korea.”  Sure sounds like it.

We mentioned earlier how #16s tend to control matters most often “behind the scenes.”  According to some particular memos that were released recently, Charles also has for decades “attempted to influence public opinion by sending secret letters to government departments on pet subjects as diverse as climate change, homeopathic medicine, housing policy and hospital food.”  Yes, knowing the ways of the BCIL, we assure you the powerful Prince is always formulating new and global strategies to achieve his grand vision whether it be good, or not, for the rest of us.

Maybe Charles should learn to channel his governing behavior into the world of sports. Who knows? He could become the next Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson, or Rick Carlisle.

Written by: Staff
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