I think Trump reminds me so much of my father. He says exactly what he thinks no matter what anybody cares.

How’s that for a quote? And who was this particular father spoken of? None other than the late Jerry Falwell (#15 FCIL), founder of Liberty University. The quote comes from his son, Jerry Jr., now President of the conservative school. Jerry Jr. has stayed in close contact with Trump since his 2012 appearance on campus, and the two also spoke after Falwell’s December appearance on The Sean Hannity Show (another #15 FCIL). Falwell Jr. describes Trump as one of the greatest visionaries of our time and said he had single-handedly forced President Barack Obama (#13 FCIR) to release his birth certificate. Falwell Sr. was known for making a host of controversial comments during his lifetime, particularly about homosexuals.

On a side note, father Falwell was a bit of a hefty man, which is certainly not altogether uncommon among #15 males. On the flip-side, to find an overweight #15 female is extremely difficult, with Madame Hillary Clinton “tipping the scale” as one of the few who could drop a few pounds (though she’s been working hard at it as election time approaches). In short, #15 women seem to have a greater awareness of Empirical issues. Think of Courtney Cox, Jane Seymour, Demi Moore, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Lucille Ball, Jane Fonda, Shelley Long, Sarah Palin, or even Michelle Obama.

Written by: Staff
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