We have to admit, sometimes we feel sorry for the Brain Types that don’t often make it on the i-Blog. After all, as we mentioned in our previous article on Alan Rickman (#13 FCIR), each and every inborn design is gifted and talented in their unique, personal ways (and this isn’t just a feel-good, ‘everyone wins a trophy’ statement, but rather the truth).

Hence, we wanted to briefly highlight Loretta Lynn, one of the few #3 FEALs to be well-known outside of sports and politics. In sports, we’ve had females such as Nancy Kerrigan in figure skating, and Gigi Fernandez in tennis. On the male side, there is recently-highlighted Derrick Favors of basketball, and Greg Hardy of football. In politics, there has been the late Princess Diana, as well as Barbara Bush. Yet, in the world of entertainment, Loretta Lynn nearly stands all by herself. Why is this?

Unlike the Q3 (remember, Quadrant 3, which is Front Left) #11 FCAL and #15 FCIL, both of which can be found in Hollywood (though not often), the #3 thrives in the world of day-to-day reality. They are warm, practical, down-to-earth individuals, which reveals itself both in what they pursue in life, and even what they wear. They are not naturally driven towards the imaginative, creative arts that make up so much of acting and entertaining these days. That is not to say that they cannot be excellent artists, or writers, as they love to beautify the world around them in visual, hands-on ways (crafts, etc.), and can also enjoy putting their dominant Animate feelings into words by journaling or writing more pragmatic poetry. And certainly, as Loretta has proven, they can be accomplished singers, particularly if they have people behind them pushing them on to success.

All to say, Loretta Lynn was recently highlighted in an article for her support of Donald Trump, stating, When you get up there and try to say you want to see Hillary Clinton win, that wouldn’t go over so big. Trump has sold me. What more can I say?” She went on to add, I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around. I’m going to let him call me. To be sure, it isn’t all-too surprising to find a “say it simply and like it is” candidate like Trump appealing to a no-nonsense #3. While it may be difficult to predict exactly what The Donald will say next, he certainly doesn’t mince words, thanks both to his Brain Type and his non-political past.

Everyone loves the lovely Loretta, and it is often hard not to like most #3 females (provided they restrain their words, and are not too self-focused)! Needless to say, we all have our talents, and we all have our areas to work on (and it sure helps knowing your BT!).

Written by: Staff
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