You likely knew this article was coming, but ponder this. Had Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and his Denver Broncos lost Sunday evening to Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) and his New England Patriots (or should we say, master tactician #15 FCIL Bill Belichick and his Patriots), it would have changed nothing. Peyton Manning is still the better of the two quarterbacks (inborn design-wise, not more athletic, etc.), and considering all QB facets, the greatest of all time. (We hope to scientifically prove this, and soon. For those who follow BTI, you know we are only dogmatic with matters we know to be true and that can be [ultimately] proven.) No quarterback in NFL history has maxed his inborn makeup like Manning, especially at QB. As we’ve reported in years past, many even say that no coach in the NFL, including offensive coordinators, has had the tactical abilities of Peyton (Archie, and Olivia, played a key role here). Why? First, they’d need to have the #5 FEIR genotype, and second, they would have had to extensively develop it. Again, as we reported not long ago, Tom Brady himself was candidly honest when asked by sports analysis Peter King:

King:  Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had been drafted by Arizona?
Brady:  Yeah, I’d be on my third team by now.

Can you believe Bill Belichick has coached Tom his entire career, which has been some 16 years? He has certainly become Brady’s second father, and with his conservative dink and dump system, the accommodating Tom Brady has flourished, even more so than would have Peyton Manning had he been a Patriot (Peyton and Bill would have likely and often butted heads).

At any rate, “it was the player that most had counted out that shined the brightest,” says one author. “Manning completed 17 of his 32 passing attempts for 176 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions,” while “Brady, by comparison, was 27 of 56 for 310 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.”  Says another, “Manning, the ‘playoff choker’ is now 3-1 against Brady in AFC championship games (and 3-2 against Brady in the playoffs). And Brady’s success has come with the greatest coach of this generation, while Peyton Manning has now gotten to a Super Bowl with Jim Caldwell and Gary Kubiak.”  Indeed, to reach the Super Bowl on two separate teams is a rare feat, and no quarterback in history has ever started for two different Super Bowl winners. Whether the Broncos win or lose two weeks from now, such reveals just how talented Manning has truly been, even in his elderly, broken-down and bad neck state.

We’ll be sure to write another article before Super Bowl Sunday.

Written by: Staff
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