The #1 FEAR can have a problem with the showy, the bling, as it is for hoppers. They often love all things shiny and sparkly, with their dominant Empirical senses noticing every little bright and beautiful detail of the world around them (try going on a trip with one sometime, particularly a female #1“Look there! Oh, look at that over there!”). Yes, this attention easily transitions to self, where #1s normally want to be noticed and appreciated, but sometimes it can get them into trouble.

That is what happened to the Knicks’ Cleanthony Early (#1 FEAR), who a few days ago was shot in the knee during a stick-up after he and a girl friend left a strip club late at night. Early is from the Bronx, so should have known better, as he was seen “flashing cash and wearing gold chains with medallions as well as the grillz gold mouthpieces favored by rappers that they left at the scene leading investigators to believe he was targeted.”  The six bandits brandished two guns, and one was wearing a ski mask, as Early handed over an iPhone, cash and $9,000 in jewelry, including his gold mouth grillz.”  After handing over the loot, Early was then “shot once in his surgically repaired right knee an operation that forced him to miss much of last season.”  According to one source, “They picked him. He had a lot of cash he was taking out and he had the gold on him.”

His injury was non-life threatening as he recovers at the hospital. Hopefully Cleanthony will think twice next time before putting a bit of his pride on display. And lest we not seek application for ourselves and forget our own eye logs (according to Jesus), where do we flash our pride? For the wise, something to ponder in 2016.

Written by: Staff
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