OJ Mayo (#9 FCAR) got a little too heated recently against the Minnesota Timberwolves. After receiving a technical foul for going a little too hard at an opposing player (trying to get the foul), he wouldn’t stop arguing with an official. Hence, OJ was ejected. But guess what? He wouldn’t leave. Instead of heading back to the locker room, Mayo had to be held back when he tried to go after the official. You can watch the video below. It took quite a few people to hold the big guy back!

Unlike some other players, Mayo did apologize after the game, which was good. He stated that his behavior wasn’t a good example of the NBA or the Bucks organization. You can be sure the talkative #9 had a few choice words for the ref, and they weren’t warm fuzzies. Yes, Animates can verbally tear a person apart as much as any Inanimate, particularly the vocally gifted #9 in their heated emotion.

Written by: Staff
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