Sure, his #5 FEIR brother Peyton probably cries sometimes (e.g., when the stock market collapses, or, his plantar fascitis, metal neck screws/ plates and nerves flare up), but to see the dominant Right brained Animate Eli Manning shed tears is definitely par for the course. That’s what happened a few days ago when coach Tom Coughlin (#7 FEIL) said goodbye to the Giants football team, leaving Eli to fight back tears “while his lips quivered.”

Manning was quick to take the blame for their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but Coughlin, who has been Manning’s only coach since he was drafted in 2004, said it wasn’t him. “It’s not you,” Coughlin said to his signal caller. “It’s not you. It’s us.”

To be sure, Eli and Tom share near opposite Brain Types, but that can often be a good thing in sports, provided each BT takes its proper position. Both the #7 FEIL and the #15 FCIL are commander coaches, and when they have compliant quarterbacks on their teams, like a #2 Eli Manning or a #9 FCAR Tom Brady, good things can happen. Unfortunately for Manning, he doesn’t have the team Mr. Brady does in New England, nor as strategic a coach as mastermind Bill Belichick who knows how to maximize Tommy boy (and every other player and position!).

Watch the video below to see Eli shedding tears.



Written by: Staff
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