Will he now ride off into the sunset on his blue and orange bronco? Is this the final chapter of Peyton Manning’s illustrious career? We don’t know, but what we do know is that Peyton is a man ‘in-the-moment’, and as he said in our “Quote of the Week” on our home page, I’m taking it one week at a time. I don’t want to look too far ahead and I don’t want to look too far back. I am a realist. I am aware this could be it. Yes, as an #5 FEIR, Manning is the ultimate realist, and for now he is just taking it easy and biding his time.

With the victory over the Panthers on Sunday, Peyton became the oldest starting quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl, the first quarterback to win 200 games in his career, and the first in history to lead two different teams to victory in the Super Bowl. The last feat is the most notable, because while a Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) can boast 4 of championships, all were accomplished on the same team under the same mastermind coach, Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL). But wow, to be the first quarterback in NFL history to start for two winning teams really is impressive especially when one considers all that Manning had to overcome personally and team-wise.

Thankfully, as a possibility we posed, Manning was not forced to pull Houdinis in last week’s game. Instead, he posted a conservative 13 of 23 in passing for 141 yards, letting the defense led by Von Miller (#1 FEAR) and DeMarcus Ware (#1 FEAR) take care of the rest. Yes, even the best of Brain Types cannot compete with Father Time, though when comparing Peyton’s stats that day to those of Newton’s he still comes off as the better performing QB, by far. For starters, how did the aged Peyton begin the game, after the Panthers won the toss and were assured they’d bury him on the first set of downs? All he did was pick them apart with some Einstein passes and play calling, especially when they blitzed him initially. He efficiently took his Broncos down the field where they settled for a field goal, but the tone was set;  Manning still had it in him. That #5 brain was still clickin, even though the body was not as able as the old days.

Conversely, on Cam’s first toss of the game, it was air-mailed 10 over the receiver! From the get-go, Cam was deep into #13 Conceptual city (which also affects motor skills). Manning went with the upper-management game plan … just do enough to get a lead and let the D do the rest. That he did in fastidious fashion. And let’s not forget, had he not bailed the Broncs out in game 17, from halftime onward, the SB 50 Trophy would not be hoisted in Denver.

He’s happy. He’s peaceful,” said Archie Manning before the game. “I think you have to put this in some perspective. He had four neck surgeries [in 2010 and 2011]. He might never have played again. But playing again, and playing well when he came back what a blessing.

Like nearly all detractors in life, Manning’s are no different. Beyond the blatant biases, few people truly appreciate the amazing talent Peyton has demonstrated throughout his career. Why? Not because they noticed his (few) flaws, but they did not know what to look for beyond the seeming obvious. Without the experience of playing or working in the NFL, and knowing how the brain and body work in sports (applying neuroscience, genetics, and biomechanics), much is missed by the observer. Yet when all the measurements for QB excellence are quantified more objectively and dispassionately someday future (10 years?), including the physical/ cerebral dimensions, Peyton will be at the top even surpassing all current star QBs. By soon adding the QB’s genetic blueprint, coupled with all other factors, Manning, and his fellow #5s under center, will eventually get their just due. In the meantime, BT students can enjoy the moment and depth of understanding that not only takes place between the lines, but in life as well. We even know what makes Donald and Bernie do as they do!

So will Manning retire? “I tell ya, I really haven’t spoken with anybody about it yet,” Manning said. “I’ll certainly talk about it with Ashley, and I’ll pray about it to the big man upstairs, but right now, I’m still running on a lot of adrenaline. I’m not going to sleep tonight. I’ve been celebrating all night with family and friends, but I’m very much at peace … with kind of however that decision’s gonna go down and when it’ll it go down.”

In the end, Jon Niednagel and Peyton Manning will forever be linked together. The predictions Brain Typing made long ago of his innate greatness will not soon be forgotten by our faithful followers, proving that, yes, each and every individual on this earth possesses one of 16 inborn, God-given designs with specific mental and motor-skills that can be identified and quantified. Niednagel is particularly grateful that Peyton Manning never gave up, nor that he gave in to the Empirical, Right brain “playful” impulses that so often can keep #5s from seeing stardom. Manning is far from perfect, but he has worked hard and deserves every bit of credit he has been given (and moreso).

It’s been a good ride, Peyton! Thanks for the memories, and congratulations!

Written by: Staff
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