The TV world of golf is replacing one insightful commentator with another. Paul Azinger, a #8 BEIL, will shortly be replacing Greg Norman, a #5 FEIR, as the lead golf analyst for FOX Sports. Do BTInsiders know what the #8 and #5 have in common? Both are ‘hawks’, or Impersonal Observers, and are “realists” who are innately strongest in the hand-eye region of the brain and body (and Azinger and Norman are both dominant Empiricals!). They are logical pragmatists, and see the world with little imagination, as compared to the dominant Conceptual designs (#9, #12, #13, #16). As such, they can make extremely insightful commentators, catching the small details and nuances that other designs tend to overlook. As Niednagel writes in his book, Brain Types and Parenting,Empiricals go through life trusting the tangible, the visible. They pay attention to detail and follow directions step by step.”

Both Paul and Greg are smart, likable guys, and have done well for themselves on national television. It also just goes to show that some Back brain designs can enjoy being in front of the camera (especially for #8s, such as golf great Jack Nicklaus, when it involves critiquing matters). Though the Front brain #5s are more naturally relaxed and engaging with the public, the detective #8s come out of their shells when communicating key issues overlooked by others.

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