Known for his “elegant legal opinions and profound intellect,” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (#13 FCIR) was found dead last week in his room at a hunting resort in Texas of ‘supposed’ natural causes. (Many troubling coincidences/ facts including BT ones surround the case, however. BTI has researched crimes and questionable cases for over 3 decades, and this surprising death and circumstances raise many legitimate questions ones we are exploring further.) Scalia was an avid hunter, with one friend stating, Other than being with his family or in church, there’s no place he’d rather be than on a hunt. Scalia’s friend him hunting for wild boar, deer and even alligators.

Scalia’s death comes as a blow to conservatives, as he rarely ventured far from the constitution and was one of the minority judges to vote against homosexual marriage. He “expressed his opinions vigorously, willfully refusing to change with the times,” and when on the losing side of a decision, Scalia often took the opportunity to formally opine, and he was known for his lecturing and sometimes caustic dissents.”  Indeed, a testimony to a principled man, also revealing that #13s are not genetically destined to “change with the times.”  Scalia “caustic dissents” are also quite not unlike the #13 FCIR, who never wish to be one-upped by any contenders (think of losing quarterback Cam Newton). In the end, as one author so eloquently puts it, “Our country has lost not only an eminent jurist, but also a witty, humorous person who could explain the law in a way that normal people could understand.”

We now move on to the Presidential elections, where a number of other #13 FCIRs can be found. Truth be told, Senator Ted Cruz (#13) is another avid conservative with the same design, as well as fellow-Hispanic #13 FCIR Marco Rubio. A few withdrew their nomination in recent weeks, including the eloquent and affable Carly Fiorina (a #13 female with greater Left brain prowess than most male #13s), , along with Chris Christie (#13 and heavily Right brain). The bulldog, Q3 amped Donald Trump (#15 FCILcontinues to lead in most polls, though Cruz did claim victory in Iowa a few weeks ago, where evangelicals came out in larger numbers to vote for the more overtly Christian candidate (Trump would be wise to follow).

Lastly, and on the opposite side of the planet, we have the spunky Bernie Sanders (#13 FCIR) nipping at the heals of Hillary Clinton (#15 FCIL), claiming victory last week in New Hampshire (though as widely unreported, she won as many or more delegates there than Sanders). Boisterous Bernie doesn’t stand much of a chance against Madame Hillary, as at this point Clinton holds a commanding lead of 394 delegates compared to 42 for Sanders. If it weren’t for the Dem’s Super Delegates, however, it would be a fair ballgame, but the Dem establishment has structured the primaries to heavily favor their chosen candidate, not the peoples.

Will we see the two lone #15 FCILs going head to head when all is said and done? It looks to be that way (though Cruz and Rubio, especially, still stand a chance). It is quite amazing that, given both Hillary’s and Donald’s sketchy pasts (yet for very different reasons), no one has been able to bring them down. Running their campaigns like efficient war machines, these two #15s are as stalwart and determined as they come, and sparks will certainly be flying if and when they face each other in upcoming debates. The Donald, unless persuaded otherwise by his counselors, will give Ms. Clinton a run for her money, but whether it will be enough to persuade the liberal masses we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

Written by: Staff