Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, as Cam Newton (#13 FCIR) and the Carolina Panthers take on Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and the Denver Broncos in San Fransisco in what is turning out to be a highly anticipated football game. Our BTInsiders are continually ‘dying’ to know the Brain Types of various players, so we’ll give you a look into some of their cerebral recesses.

We’ll start off by saying that there are a number of Animate ‘feelers’ who will be taking the field, more so than we’ve seen in quite awhile! First, for the Carolina Panthers, there’s a bunch of All-Pro players, starting with linebacker Thomas Davis, a quick and agile #9 FCAR (no BT plays with more enthusiasm!). Then there’s fullback Mike Tulbert, another #9 FCAR. Next is cornerback Josh Norman, a #13 FCIR (who somewhat resembles fellow #13 comedian Chris Rock). Luke Kuechly, widely considered to be the best linebacker in the NFL, is another gifted #13 FCIR (remember, #13s can extremely high pain thresholds especially when in their passion). Lastly, there’s big-man defensive All-Pro tackle Kawann Short, an aggressive #1 FEAR. Quarterback Cam Newton (#13 FCIR) definitely has some notable talent on his Carolina team, while he himself is a strong, energetic, and very athletic and charismatic #13 FCIR.

On the Denver side, there is outside linebacker Von Miller, a #1 FEAR, who took down Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) a number of times in last week’s victory game against the Patriots. Then there’s wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, wala, another #1 FEAR (many #1s have excelled at the RB position, including Walter Peyton and Emmit Smith). Moving along, how about runningback Ronnie Hillman, another #1 FEAR (he owns 500 shoes!)? We continue on with safety TJ Ward who, you guessed it, is another #1 FEAR (and not commonly found at the safety position)! Are you familiar with DeMarcus Ware, their defensive end? Yet again, he is another #1 FEAR (who is a facial mix between Mohammad Ali and Charles Barkley). Indeed, what must #5 Peyton Manning be thinking with all these go-with-the-flow-and-fun #1s around? At any rate, the Broncos continue their Animate streak with bright and outgoing wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, a #9 FCAR (ala Jerry Rice). Peyton would be wise to go to Sanders throughout the game, as they are better equipped to catch the ball (fine motor skills) when the pressure hits not fearing defender hits as much as the other BTs. Finally, there’s Inanimate C.J. Anderson, a #13 FCIR runningback for the team. While #13s can find success at this position, they are more apt to fumble the ball (along with #1s) when nerves hit.

Truly, if all the #1 FEARs on the Broncos roster can stay loose and not tighten up under the big-time pressure, they are quite capable of bringing home the Super Bowl trophy. However, if their EA ‘dove’ motor skills freeze up, particularly at the beginning of the game, the Panthers could get off to an early lead (we saw Hillman get nervous and “squat” a few times last game against the Patriots). To be sure, the #1 FEAR‘s speed can decrease by some 30% (or more) when their minds and bodies go south. The Broncos are an unusual gathering of these ‘body masters’, who are gifted physically above all. Be sure the aging mastermind Peyton Manning will do all he can to get the football into his teammates hands, and hopefully not be forced to pull off “Houdinis” in the final quarters to beat the Panthers. Statistically speaking, the Broncos are coming into this game as the underdogs.

The game should be called, “Super Bowl Feeler 50”! It’ll be fun to watch!

Written by: Staff