Actress and model Pamela Anderson (#1 FEAR) isn’t too happy about one particular “non-essential luxury product,” which many know as Foie gras. The popular meal is produced by force-feeding corn to ducks and geese in order to enlarge their livers, and Ms. Anderson took time to appear at the National Assembly of France last week to voice her feelings and call on officials to ban the practice. “I as a Canadian, have come to France to voice my opposition to an industry that is equally as cruel as the baby seal massacre — the cruel treatment and slaughter of ducks and geese for another non-essential luxury product,” Anderson said. California actually banned the dish in 2012, but a federal judge overturned the decision last year, saying the ban was unconstitutional.

When it comes to finding #1 FEAR actors in Hollywood, they get there via other venues certainly not via their acting prowess! For instance, Jennifer Lopez made herself a name through her dancing and singing, while Paris Hilton got into a bit of acting through … well … just being Paris Hilton. Pamela obviously made herself famous through her modeling, and now she’s using her big heart and big fame for the cause of our feathered friends.

Written by: Staff
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