It’s not that BTI is averse to making predictions, even on sporting events, though we rarely do. Especially when a team sport is involved, and the participants are many, the odds become much less for accuracy. As we all repeatedly witness, even one person (player or coach), can lose the game (ala Seahawks in 15, Pete Carroll end-of-game play call; 2013 AFC title game, Broncos DB Rahim M. chokes with Flacco pass, etc.)! Calling a tennis or golf match according to Brain Types, with accuracy, is much easier.

For those who do not know already, this Sunday’s Super Bowl has Carolina a heavy favorite Their seasonal record and playing consistency have fostered this deserved confidence. Couple this many other advantage factors for Super Sunday including rushing a debilitated, dilapidated 40-year old quarterback hindered with multiple neck fractures, foot afflictions, and washed-up rag arm would seemingly guarantee a Panther route.

But hold on, boys and girls. This one lone, broken-down Bronco still possesses the best QB brain (nature and nurtured) in NFL history So if Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) can hang in there till the end and remain upright, and fellow teammates and coaches hold their own, one lone rabbit remains in Mr. Manning’s hat. The cuddly cud-chewer is as old as his bayou-bred handler but it still possesses a little latent magic. How glorious it would be to see the game come down to a final fling from the consummate QB, and his long-time fuzzy friend.

Yah, if Manning’s offensive comrades don’t get open, or drop passes and handoffs, etc., the game could quickly get out of hand, forcing the #5 gunslinger to sling it where he shouldn’t. The interceptions could quickly mount in #5 fashion adding to the whole team’s prior failure. Yet as flirting #5s forever figure, if teammates ain’t gonna do it, then I will, come heck or high water!

Written by: Staff