We’ve told you again and again that they excel at the defensive lineman position. Yes, when it comes to the #1 FEAR Brain Type, they are statistically the BEST design for the job (and if there were more of them population-wise, you would see more of them on the field!). So, when Denver’s Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware spent a great deal of time in “Cam Newton’s kitchen” on Super Bowl Sunday, Brain Typists were not surprised. Miller then took home the MVP trophy, picking up 2.5 sacks, forcing two fumbles and “destroying the Panthers offensive line. Carolina’s patchwork crew was no match for Miller’s speed, strength and pass-rushing moves.”  The author goes on to write, “It was also memorable in that defensive players rarely earn the award, albeit this is the second time since 2014 when Malcolm Smith won it with the Seahawks, which was completely deserved.” Bingo, Smith is another #1 FEAR (and a personable one at that).

Does anyone know who was runner-up for this year’s SB 50 MVP? It was the Panther’s Kony Ealy, who had three sacks, tying a Super Bowl record held with Reggie White, another #1 FEAR, and Darnell Docket (#13 FCIR). Yes, Ealy is a #1 as well, and also had one interception and forced a fumble late in the game that could have cost the Broncos the title. The interception, in fact, “etched his name in the record books as he became the only player in Super Bowl history to record multiple sacks and an interception in the game.”  Take note, all you quarterbacks. When you’ve got 10 guys trying to kill you, knowing their Brain Types will tell you who to look out for (which would have served Cam Newton well)!

Let’s step back for a moment. Again, if #1 FEARs are so talented, why are there not more of them in the NFL? Rules, rules, rules … it’s all about the rules. “To be eligible for the draft,” states the NFL’s official web site“players must have been out of high school for three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season.”  In other words, you gotta hit the books and spend some time in college. As such, which Brain Types are more apt to succeed academically? Yes, the CI ‘owl’ Brain Types, followed by CA ‘storks’ and EI ‘hawks’. Though there are many educated EAs around the world (we know doctors, dentists, etc.), they are primarily gifted in the Empirical Animate world of emotional reality, not the abstract universe of philosophy and Inanimate concepts, theories, and mathematical equations. Stuck to a desk with books can be a living ‘you-know-what’ for them. Instead, they wish to be free, out building relationships and/or utilizing their physical gifts to entertain crowds and be loved and appreciated by all.

Yet on the other hand, establish a separate curriculum and school at any university, including Harvard, teaching and emphasizing (better yet, practicing) emotional intelligence (EQ), and the EAs (especially FEAR #1s) will be your valedictorians and Einsteins dominating the attendees. By the way, this caustic world we now live in could urgently use this direction.

Perhaps we need to place a permanent bookmark on the web site clarifying to our readers that #13s and other designs can also excel as defensive linemen and other positions (as we already noted Luke Kuechly and Darnell Docket). We hope by now, however, that to do so would only be redundant, as Insiders know there is never a “this BT can’t find success” rule in most areas of life. However, when it comes time to place your bets, and when the big pressure hits, nothing can compare to the insight Brain Typing can give you.

We’ll have one more article on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl coming shortly.

Written by: Staff
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