She was “one of the most high-profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century,” a woman of beauty and grace who fit her ‘presidential’ role all-to perfectly, much like Jacqueline Kennedy and Laura Bush, who both shared her inborn #11 FCAL Brain Type. Ironically, they too, like Mrs. Nancy Reagan, were married to #15 FCILs in the persons of John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush. On Sunday we lost her to congestive heart failure. She was 94 years old.

Nancy simply adored her Ronnie, whom she met while an an actress in the early 1950s. “Nancy and Ronald Reagan were one of the great love stories of the American presidency,” said Craig Shirley, Ronald Reagan biographer and presidential historian. “During the 1980 campaign, Governor Reagan was asked if Nancy Reagan would have a cause if he won and he joked, ‘Probably me, mostly.'”

Barbara Bush, a #3 FEAL who is married to another #11 FCAL (George Snr.), said in a statement: “Nancy Reagan was totally devoted to President Reagan, and we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. George and I send our prayers and condolences to her family.”

As we have detailed in several past articles, the #11 FCAL can be the quintessential wife, mother, and yes, First Lady. They are “value” driven persons, defenders of ideals and other matters that arouse an emotional response. Nancy supported Ronald day in and day out with her charm, patience, and inner strength. “My life really began when I married my husband,” Nancy Reagan once said. “Thank God we found each other. Can’t imagine life without him.”  Nancy was known for watching her husband’s political speeches with a look of such steady adoration it was dubbed “the gaze.”

Lest rookie Brain Typists forget, #11s can become quite fiery when personal beliefs are trod upon (or their husbands). Former aide and close family member Nancy Reynolds recalled traveling on a plane with Nancy Reagan a few weeks after Ronald was elected governor of California in 1966. Apparently a man behind them was complaining about Reagan’s stance in a budget battle in Sacramento, and Nancy overheard him. “She pushed her seat back, looked him right in the eye and said, ‘That’s my husband you are talking about and you don’t have the facts straight,'” Reynolds recalled. “Then she clicked the button that brought the seat up. She wasn’t shy.”

Lastly, how’s this for BT irony? Nancy raised money to renovate the executive mansion, which had grown shabby, by ordering “the first complete set of White House china since the Truman administration.”  She also hosted lavish parties and 57 state dinners, and hired top fashion designers like Halston, Adolfo and Galanos, who provided her size 4 evening gowns. “She was so obviously trying to be a new Jackie (Kennedy) and restore the elegance and haute couture,” said Kati Marton, author of Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our History.

Other well-known #11 FCALs have included Christie Brinkley, Paula Abdul, Lynda Carter, Bo Derek, Linda Evans, and Brooke Shields.

Written by: Staff
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