Papa Gary Payton (#6 BEIR), former NBA All-Star, had some strong words for his son playing college hoops the other week. “Be aggressive, man! Be aggressive!”

As a TV analyst, Gary talked to his son in a televised interview after the Beaver’s game, and it was a funny (and revealing) exchange to watch. Even before Gary started talking, Gary Jr. anticipated his father’s instruction and stated, “I wasn’t aggressive tonight?”

And he was right, as his father went on to say, “You were very aggressive in the first half… But then, what changed? You wasn’t aggressive. You know this team has to have you be aggressive to be successful.”  Father Payton then went on to critique a faulty alley-oop pass

Can anybody guess Gary II‘s Brain Type? We’ll give you the answer tomorrow! Below is the exchange between father and son.

Written by: Staff