Prince Harry‘s wide, contagious #1 FEAR smile has been plastered all over the news lately for his visit to earth-quake recovering Napal. As one report goes, as he was walking around the Patan Palace Gardens, he stopped to meet several groups of craftsman who were “painstakingly chipping away at pieces of stone and wood which will be used in the refurbishment of the site which was badly damaged during the earthquake last April.”  They asked him to sit down and join them, which he did. I did carving at school years ago but nothing like this,” he said (#1s can be gifted wood-sculptors). One of the members also apparently complimented him on how much “at ease he appeared sitting on the floor” with the carvers. Yes, the adaptable, nimble, body-utilizing and often group-friendly #1 FEAR can make themselves at home just about anywhere, which is why people are often drawn to them. Harry also added, Ten years in the army, you learn to sit anywhere.”

Typically, #1s are also generous with their money. After the tour, Harry insisted that his party pay the tourist levy normally charged to tour the palace saying: “We will all pay, we must pay,” adding: “Even them”, as he gestured to the press. Harry is trying to drive tourism back to the country to help the locals. “I pay my respects to those who perished and hope to do what I can to shine a spotlight on the resolve and resilience of the Nepalese people. I want to show all those people around the world who want to help that this is a country open for business so please come and visit again.”

There’s little doubt the Royal Family has been trying keep the prince on the straight and narrow over the last few years, away from his past partying ways. ?If there is one thing extra-special to be said about #1s, they have big hearts, and can find great joy in helping people (as can all BTs, more or less). Harry would do well to follow in the humanitarian footsteps of his mother Diana (#3 FEAL). Where many aren’t as naturally sensitive to the needs of others, he and all #1s have been endowed from above with an innate Good Samaritan giftedness.

Written by: Staff
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