Turn on “Dancing With The Stars,” and 9 out of 10 people you see on the dance floor will be Right brain dominant. Rarely does a Left brainer appear on the show, and veteran Brain Typists should remember what happened to #7 FEIL Kate Gosselin when she gave it a try. Kate’s trainer, Tony Dvolani (#13 FCIR), nearly quit. Normally, I don’t drop my cool at all. For me to get to that point, something must have really happened. Exactly what happened aired for all the world to see on ABC, showing Gosselin criticizing Dovolani’s style as a teacher. I love how you teach, but you’re not taking into consideration how I learn, said a frustrated Kate. Critics went to call her “stiff as a board,” and that “the only thing that flowed was her dress.”

Granted, Left brain dominant individuals can learn to dance, but it’s a natural arena for the flexible, adaptable, synthetic Right brain person. Recently, Geraldo Rivera (#15 FCIL) of FoxNews tried his hand at it (or feet, rather), and things just didn’t go well for him either. “I was awful — but I had a good time,” Geraldo said. He received the lowest rating of the night, and judge Carrie Ann Inaba commented that he needed to “loosen up his joints.”  To be fair, Rivera is 72 years old, and has had back surgery that makes his right foot numb. “It should be like golf. They should have handicaps,” Rivera jokingly stated. Still, had he went on the show in his younger years, unless well-trained, we guarantee he wouldn’t have faired much better! Judge Bruno Tonioli did praise Rivera, however, for his “cunning strategy. You went minimalistic, ‘let them wait for it. I am NOT dancing.’ ” Leave it to the #15 to preplan a strategy!

Rivera, the quintessential CEO Brain Type, was definitely more in his element when he appeared on “The Apprentice” years ago with fellow CEO Donald Trump (#15 FCIL)“The business thing, negotiating and getting TV packages built in ‘The Apprentice’ is much closer to what I do than dancing, which I don’t do, so in a sense it’s easier but the people on this show, it’s so much friendlier, so much more supportive, everybody’s kind of pulling in the same direction and everybody’s cheering everybody else on. It’s a much more pleasant environment.”

Yes, even Left brain, Inanimate ‘thinkers’ enjoy warm-fuzzy environments every once in awhile.

Written by: Staff
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