Do folks remember Chad Johnson? Or, maybe you remember him as Chad Ochocinco? He only retired 5 years ago, and he led the league in receiving yards in 2006, and was a four-time All-Pro with the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, his life had its ups and downs, like in 2012 when he was released by Miami for his arrest on a count of domestic battery. Now, Johnson co-hosts a weekly podcast with NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes. He’s described as “refreshing,” as well as “jaw-dropping.”

In an interview recently, the #1 FEAR Mr. Johnson started off the conversation by telling Melissa Jacobs, “I love you,” to which she replied, “Um, I hope you tell every person you call that you love them.”  Chad replied, “Definitely, I’ve been doing this since junior high. I like to put a smile on everyone’s face.”  lol, not too atypical for the #1! He then went on as the candid fellow that he is, telling her on the subject of marriage, “Like, I’ve never had discipline. I had the discipline to play football and to want to be great at a sport, but I’ve never had the discipline to commit to one woman and haven’t had to.”  Melissa commented that as a professional athlete, Chad had options, to which he replied, “Stop right there. The janitor has options. Maybe not to the extent that some other professions have options. But with me, I’m not an ugly guy, I’m charismatic and I can hold a conversation like none other. Those three outweigh just being an athlete.”  While Chad may be acting a bit arrogant, he’s right. The #1 can be quite charismatic, and gifted conversationalists. Many a woman’s heart are won by their charms!

Johnson had some revealing things to say on New England’s Bill Belichick, whom Insiders know to be a #15 FCIL, echoing what we’ve been saying about him for decades. “Just picture this, this is my comparison to Belichick: the beginning of ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and the drill sergeant. He’s a great guy, a great coach, and a mastermind at what he does but everything is so reminiscent of that drill sergeant.”  Melissa then poignantly asked him, “Is he the best coach in NFL history?” to which he replied, “By f$%#& far.”

“Last question,” said Melissa. “How many people a day do you tell you love?”

“At least 500, easy. I’m serious.”

Thanks for the insight, Chad, but BTInsiders already knew just about everything you had to say about yourself and Bill Belichick!

Written by: Staff
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