The #5 FEIR is typically very candid, speaking his or her mind and not worrying too much about what people think of them. The flip side is … they often care about how they look. The “Opportunist” can be big on appearance, wanting people to notice them. Think of Sylvester Stalone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in acting, Payne Stewart and Greg Norman in golf, or Alex Rodriguez and Reggie Jackson in baseball. They are also gifted realists, seeing the world through their Inanimate, Empirical lens.

Darko Milicic is a #5 former NBA player who has been one to speak his mind, and recently shared good insight about his career and his attitude in life. It’s just simple, my career was how it was and I don’t miss that. I went to the NBA as a kid, barely 18, didn’t have the attitude I should have had. Darko was born in Serbia, and when the opportunity came to make money, he jumped at the chance. I thought as a kid that talent was God-given, but it’s not. God gives you talent and you should use that talent with the real meaning of that word. I was stubborn. Maybe being young had something to do with it. There was option then of going to the NBA or staying in Serbia because Hemofarm knew that if I went to NBA they would get more money than they would get if I went to some European club. Here you had poverty and money was there.

Milicic also had a few interesting things to share about some NBA players. On Kobe Bryant (#2 BEAR):  “Nobody in particular annoyed me, but Kobe Bryant is the dirtiest player with the things he does on the court.”  On Dikembe Mutombo (#14 BCIR):  “I finally get a chance to play and (Mutombo) starts taunting me and daring me to fight. Why would I need that? I didn’t understand half of what he said. I mean, he’s been there 20 years and still doesn’t know the language well enough.”

lol, one aspect we forgot to mention is that #5s can also be pretty funny. On another note, one comment Darko had to say about American basketball itself was, “I can’t play with American players. They only talked about who dunked on whom, who crossed over whom. I was weird to them because I didn’t think that way.

Be sure to click the “source” link below for this article to see a few #5 glamor shots of Darko.Not bad for a 7-footer.

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