Things haven’t been going well for O.J. Simpson (#5 FEIR). He is in prison in Nevada for at least another two years (conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery), and “cannot walk without a cane and fears he will be in a wheelchair when he finally leaves prison.”  According to Simpson, prison officials refuse to allow him to leave the prison to get the proper surgery he needs for his deteriorating knee. And now, OJ fears he will soon be in a wheelchair and may never walk again.

Simpson was a successful running back in the NFL for 11 years, but those years certainly took a toll. Ironically, OJ’s bad knees were the center of attention when attorney Johnnie Cochran (#13 FCIR) used them to plead OJ’s innocence for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown (#11 FCAL). Some may remember Cochran back during the trial instructing “OJ to stand and raise his suit pant leg to show the jury his multiple scars on his left knee to prove he was severely handicapped.” (BTI Director, Jon Niednagel, was consulted during this case.)

Simpson is now said to be a whopping 340 pounds. I can only get mediocre health care in here,” he told a fellow inmate, “and it really pisses me off because I have the money to go to any specialist in the world to get knee surgery but they won’t let me leave to get help. They don’t give a damn that I am going to end up crippled and can’t walk for the rest of my life.”

Written by: Staff
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