The NBA’s Kemba Walker has made a slight adjustment to his jump shot, and it’s doing wonders for his game. The point guard for the Charlotte Hornets moved the ball just a few inches to his right, away from his face, thereby allowing him to see the basket with both eyes. He also is tucking the elbow in before the release, forming a ‘V’ that shooting coaches often stress. It was tough especially early on when I wasn’t making shots during the summer, Walker said. I said, I can’t do it. I’m going back to my old shot. I was having doubts.

His shooting coach, however, told him to stick with it, and he did. Now, Walker is shooting career-highs from the field (42.9%) and three-pointers (37.1%, up from 30.4% last season) and averaging career-highs in points (21). Now that Kemba can shoot, it makes him a better pick-and-roll player, as his defenders can no longer sag under the pick. Speaking about Walker, assistant coach Steve Hetzel said, He has a natural flow to the way he plays and puts a lot of pressure on his defender. They’re always on edge not knowing what moves he’s going to make. He has the ability to make them pay for what they decide.”

Kemba is a quick, explosive, talented #5 FEIR, a Brain Type not commonly found in the NBA these days. Former #5 greats have been Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone, A.C. Green, Steve Nash, and Danny Ainge. They play with high-energy, and if not careful can have the tendency to play a bit out of control. Remember John Starks? He was another explosive #5 FEIR who put “a lot of pressure on his defender.”

Walker is a major reason why the Hornets are 41-30 this year, and although he didn’t make the All-Star roster this season, folks are speculating we may very well see him there next time.

Written by: Staff
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