We told you their Brain Types long before this day ever came. Out of the plethora of potential candidates for President of the United States, only two possessed the ultimate take-charge #15 FCIL Brain Type. Those two are now the nominees of their parties, and they will be going head to head for the showdown of the century in just a few short months from now.

Ok, to be accurate, Hillary Clinton (#15 FCIL) hasn’t secured the nomination just yet, but it is practically a done deal (provided her email scandal doesn’t disqualify her, etc.). Bernie Sanders (#13 FCIR) fought long and hard against her, as did Ted Cruz against The Donald (#15 FCIL), but they were no match for the CEO powerhouses. As many have noted, Ted’s lack of personality, or “personableness,” certainly didn’t help him. While many #13 FCIRs possess the innate ability to act cool, relaxed, and down-to-earth (ala Obama), Cruz was often too stilted, too scripted, and too … some may say, arrogant. Also, he was too smart and thoughtful for most. Trump can get away with arrogance, simply because he does not try to hide it. To be sure, Donald’s no-nonsense, competent nature has won a wide variety of Americans sick and tired of political rhetoric.

You will recall we made some spot-on predictions during the Mitt Romney (#15), Barack Obama (#13) debates back in 2012, when Romney and running-mate Paul Ryan (#15) came out the decided victors. For the upcoming debates, we have two quintessential debaters going head-to-head, so victory is a little more difficult to predict. The question is: How far will Trump go? Will he take his gloves completely off, and go after Hillary where it really hurts? In turn, will Hillary focus on Trump’s sketchy past, and leave no shady stone unturned? Both certainly have dirt on their hands. Donald, however, has the upper-hand due to his lack of political history.

Stay tuned, folks!

Written by: Staff