We would like to inform our BTInsiders regarding some “inside” events that have recently taken place here at BTI. Many of you know that the NFL draft was last week, and two particular young men were all the buzz of the media. Their names are Carson Wenzt and Jared Goff. Although we can’t tell you the NFL team(s) we did work for, yes, we did in fact evaluate both quarterbacks, and even had contact with them.

We will reveal this much for now. We do not have a night versus day situation here as we did with Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and Ryan Leaf (#7 FEIL), when Jon Niednagel famously predicted Manning’s superstar future and Leaf’s struggle in the league at the QB position. However, Wentz and Goff do possess two separate Brain Types, thus being wired via their DNA quite differently. And so, the question now on our readers’ minds likely is, “Will one be better than the other?” Our simple answer is … Yes. One of these two quarterbacks has more upside than the other, provided all remains equal and there are no injuries. Again, we are not necessarily predicting one will be a dud and the other a superstar, but rather, that either Wentz or Goff should excel above the other. To be sure, when we are dealing with young hopefuls who possess different Brain Types, the potential prospects are quite exciting indeed!

In time, we will reveal their Brain Types. Stay tuned, folks!

Written by: Staff