We can’t tell you his Brain Type just yet, as he will be coming into the NBA this season and many teams would be all-too thrilled to stumble upon our web site and find some free, valuable information from us! Buddy Hield of the Oklahoma Sooners didn’t want to go out with a loss, but after his team fell to Villanova a month ago, he penned a heartfelt letter of thanks and farewell to the University of Oklahoma and its fans.

“Saturday wasn’t the way I wanted to end my college career but I have a lot to be thankful for and I will never forget the experience at the final 4 we shared. Many see this as the end of the road but I see it as the start of many great things. My college career has been more than I can imagine, through the ups and downs the Sooner family has always been by my side. I want to thank all of the fans that have watched our team for the past four years. Without you all, we would not have had the drive that we did.”

We will tell you this that he’s an Animate, which, after reading this “heartfelt” letter, shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Now it’s your turn to YouTube Buddy Hield and attempt to determine his inborn design yourself! After he enters the league, check back to our web site and we’ll reveal his Brain Type.

Written by: Staff
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