As the new Wonder Woman was recently revealed in the blockbuster film “Batman vs. Superman,” does anyone remember the original Wonder Woman who fought bad guys on our television screens back in 1975 to 1979? Her name is Lynda Carter, a #11 FCAL, and next week she will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the 41st annual Gracie Awards.

Lynda is the definition of a trailblazer as she has paved the way for women in media, carrying a national television show as Wonder Woman, and producing and starring in five highly rated network television specials, Kristen Welch, the senior VP of global content operations at Discovery Communications, said in a statement. Her success on screen, on the music charts and on stage showcase her talent and drive to break down barriers.

Of course, when a #11 FCAL “breaks down barriers,” they typically do so with style and grace, not like a bull in a China shop. Of her film career, Lynda once said, “I just want my audiences to be entertained and feel like they’re part of the show. I want to show them a good time and create an experience they’re going to enjoy.” Yes, like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Annette Funicello before her, or Faith Hill and Paula Abdul currently, #11s inherently want to love and be loved. They are idealists when it comes to love and relationships. Those idealistic desires, however, can sometimes lead them into depression when they are not met, as they take the world and its problems on their shoulders. When her first marriage ended in 1982 and Lynda remarried in 1984, she fell into alcoholism, admitting that alcohol was her way of avoiding emotional difficulties during her first marriage. Alcoholism is an abyss and you are terrified of the addiction. You just can’t stop. The disease has taken over and it is not a matter of having willpower. She has been sober now for 18 years.

Now I’m focused on health, not perfection. I don’t want to be a weak, sick 90-year-old, she said. I try to help others and I’d like to take the stigma out of alcoholism, but I don’t struggle with it.

Written by: Staff
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