Although it happened back in March, we wanted to pay our respects to Joe Garagiola (#1 FEAR), a Major League Baseball legend who went from playing on the field to broadcasting in the booth. Joe died at the age of 90, and he was certainly the “Entertainer” in all respects, known for his “sharp sense of humor” and “a seemingly endless trove of stories.”  Audiences simply loved him, as “his personality transcended games” and even landed him a guest host on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show.”

Although he never made it to the Hall of Fame, Garagiola was a talented player who spent nine seasons in the majors as a catcher, and batted .257 in his career. Afterwards he broadcasted alongside Harry Caray (#13 FCIR), and again later with Curt Gowdy and Vin Scully (#11 FCAL) on NBC. He once said, “Baseball, it hasn’t changed that much. You still have to hit the ball and you still have to catch it. Good players will win and bad players will lose. Winners win and losers make excuses. It’s as simple as that.”

Below is a good interview from years back with Garagiola and David Letterman (#13 FCIR). His lively nature is definitely fun to watch!



Written by: Staff
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