Her eyes could seemingly pierce through one’s very soul, her glare bring the toughest player to tears. Yet, she was not a monster, but simply a #6 BEIR who knew the game of basketball like few others, becoming the winningest coach in the history of women’s college ball. We are talking about the female equivalent of Bobby Knight (#6), the legendary coach Pat Summitt, who sadly passed away on Tuesday after battling Alzheimer for 5 years. She battled the disease with “fierce determination just as she did with every opponent she ever faced,” her son, Tyler Summitt, said.

As Niednagel wrote years ago, BEIRs approach coaching as they do any other sporing interest – with unparalleled zeal and intensity They are master tacticians and attack the opposition as BEIR Norman Schwarzkopf did in Operation Desert Storm.”

Pat coached at Tennessee for a staggering 38 years, winning eight national titles and 1,098 games, the most by any Division 1 basketball coach, male or female. When she was first diagnosed with the disease, Pat approached with typical #6 determination. “This is not a pity party. We’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for Pat Summitt.”

A host of stars came out to pay their respects, one of which was football’s Deion Sanders (#5 FEIR), who Tweeted, “#RIP Pat Summit & Buddy Ryan, architects of their prospective sports. They epitomized hard work & tenacity. I pray Peace over their families.”

Written by: Staff
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