The champion played an incredible round, and had he not, Phil Mickelson (#15 FCIL) would have easily won another tournament. Yes, the British Open was fun to watch over the weekend, and in one author’s words, “Henrik Stenson kept hitting the best shots of his life, one after another, because there was no other way to beat Phil Mickelson in an Open showdown that ranked among the best in golf.”

Stenson (#13 FCIR) shot an 8-under 63 on Sunday to finish the tournament at 20-under and win his first major championship by 3 strokes. This is the 11th time that Mickelson has come up 2nd place at a Major’s tournament, second only to #8 BEIL Jack Nicklaus (don’t forget, however, you have to be great to have so many opportunities to win.) “Thank you very much for a great fight,” Stenson told Mickelson after accepting the Claret Jug. Indeed it was a battle, and could have easily gone the other way had not Stenson made a 50-foot birdie putt from off the green at No. 15 that gave him the 2-shot lead. Stenson, like other #13s who have ended up winning major championships, possesses a great swing and solid fundamentals. At 40 years old, it’s taken him a long time to win a Major, but this was one he certainly deserved as he posted a championship record of 264.

Phil, the Left brain dominant lefty, still has a lot to be thankful for, as for years he has possessed more Right-hemisphere influence than typical right-handed #15s. As a true right-hander, hitting from the left side can make it difficult to develop and maintain the typical #15 solid body mechanics, regardless of the sport. Mickelson has certainly made it work, however. with typical strict FCIL discipline (not to mention master-coach Butch Harmon and his caddie to continually mentor Phil along the way), and has an impressive career to show for it!

Congratulations to both golfers for a round very well played.

Written by: Staff
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