Lots of young adults still live with their parents at home these days, particularly if Ma and Pa don’t resent it. Not many of them, however, make $8 million a year.

From your general knowledge of Brain Type, which of the 16 would be most prone to do this? Which Brain Type(s) seeks to reserve its energy, loves family, doesn’t want to be held responsible for too much, and likes to just live and let live? Yes, they would be Right brained dominant. Yes, they would be Back brained dominant, especially valuing their privacy and comfortable environment. And yes, they would likely live in-the-moment, taking it one day at a time, and most probable be Animate. Your answer is the #2 BEAR.

Ever heard of the NBA’s Jeff Teague? He’s a 28-year-old, and after buying a house in his hometown of Indianapolis several years ago, he decided to give it to his parents when he was signed to the Atlanta Hawks in 2013. Recently, he was traded to the Pacers, and decided to move back in with his parents, living in the basement (while they keep the master). Teague says he plans to stay there for the “the whole year” rather than find another place. One reason, he says, is because his dad will mow the lawn!

Meanwhile. we’ll try to find a #15 FCIL who makes 8 million dollars and lives in his parent’s basement, but don’t wait up for us. We’re pretty sure Big Foot will be found first.

Written by: Staff
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