Their rivalry is legendary in the game of soccer, but their great respect for one another is equally mutual. Still, not everyone believes it, so when Cristiano Ronaldo said it “hurt” to see Lionel Messi lose in the Copa America final, and to watch Messie announce that he would retire from Argentina’s national team, people were thinking, “Yeah, right, Ronaldo!”

“He has made a tough decision and people should understand,” Ronaldo said. “He is not accustomed to defeats and disappointments. Finishing second and missing a penalty does not make you a bad player. It hurts to see Messi in tears and I hope he returns to play for his country, because he needs it,” Ronaldo continued.

One author at Fox Sports writes, “Do any of us really think it hurt him to see Messi fall like that? Does Ronaldo really feel any sympathy for a guy who’s bested him so many times? Maybe that’s the case, but we should probably take his words with a Ballon d’Or sized grain of salt.”

Well, we did tell our viewers of Cristiano’s Brain Type long ago, so his sympathy comes as no surprise to us. After all, Ronaldo shares the same #9 FCAR design as boxing’s Oscar De La Hoya, or the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “With a high does of Front-brained ‘extraversion,’ the FCAR feels concern for others and the need to help and affirm them.”  Perhaps, just perhaps, Ronaldo was doing just that. After all, Messie was in tears, and unless full of vengeance, Animates (especially CA ‘doves’) typically do not enjoy seeing others cry.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll notice we left out Messi’s Brain Type. That is because he is our new Guess Their Brain Type” test case. Head over there now, and we’ll reveal his inborn design on the 15th of this month. Good luck!

Written by: Staff
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