Eight notable men of the game of football were inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame last week, and the class of 2016 consisted of owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr. (#13 FCIR), coach Tony Dungy (#10 BCAR), quarterback Brett Favre (#5 FEIR), linebacker/defensive end Kevin Greene (#13 FCIR), wide receiver Marvin Harrison (#2 BEAR), tackle Orlando Pace, quarterback Ken Stabler (#13 FCIR), and guard Dick Stanfel, who passed away in 2015.

Did you catch the Fox Sports article on Jon Niednagel, Brett Favre, and Brain Typing? Titled, “A former Atlanta Falcons coach explains how Brett Favre got away,” the article details how June Jones was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons when the team drafted Favre in the second round in 1991. Jones had never heard of Jon Niednagel at the time, and Favre only lasted one season in Atlanta before he was traded to Green Bay for a first-round pick. I thought Favre was inaccurate and drunk for eighteen straight months.”  Yet, If you go back in college, he won so many games on the last drive. In two years, I think he had thirteen wins, like, ten of them came on the last drive.

The article goes on to read, “Jones said if he knew then what he knows now about brain-typing, the Falcons never would have traded Favre to Green Bay. ‘It would’ve been different if I knew (about Brain Types) and I knew how to coach him. In two-minute situations, let him call his own plays. In those heated situations, Kelly went no-huddle; Favre, Elway, Marino they all called their own plays. Let them lead.’

Do you believe that it’s mere coincidence that Kelly, Favre, Elway, and Marino were all #5 FEIRs?! And the rest is history.

Did you hear Favre’s acceptance speech? It was rather classic #5, and he didn’t use any notes. “What makes me most proud is how I played the game,” he said. “Being real, authentic and spontaneous and having fun is what it was all about.”

Also classic #2 BEAR was Marvin Harrison“The historically mute Harrison turned his calm and heartfelt leadoff speech into a wide-ranging thank-you to teachers, coaches, teammates, his grandmother and two sons,” says one author. Anticipating others were predicting a short acceptance speech from him, Harrison went on to say, “Records are made to be broken, but I want to tell you one thing. I’m not going to break any records for the shortest speech in Hall of Fame history. That’s not going to happen.”

As for coach Tony Dungy, what would have happened had he been without prodigy quarterback Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR)? Likely, he would not be a Hall of Famer today, that’s for sure, though to his credit he did allow Manning to run the show (but only after the coaching staff was far less effective), something the Falcons only wish they had done with Favre. While they say only hindsight is 20-20, foresight can come awfully close to that with the knowledge of Brain Type and determining future success in sports.

Written by: Staff
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