Before leaving the Olympic games, we wanted to briefly congratulate a few #13 FCIRs who won gold in their respective sports. Found in every professional sport, #13s can be top-notch athletes. As dominant Right brained persons, they have more naturally fluid movements, and also have the potential for remarkable body flexibility fast-twitch muscles including quick feet. They are high-energy performers, and gifted in CI ‘owl’ logical abstraction skills. Remember, their nickname is the “Strategizer,” and they enjoy master-planning attacks and outfoxing their opponents. As such, what they lack in athleticism they often make up for in smarts.

Did you see who won gold in the womens shot put event? Her name is Michelle Carter, an American, and the first American woman to win gold. Although some might confuse her personality with the #1 FEAR, she is a definite #13 FCIR. Her father. Michael, made a name for himself by winning a silver medal in the shotput in 1984. He also later went on to win three Super Bowls while playing for the San Francisco 49ers. Check out the huge throw that won Michelle the gold medal a few weeks ago.

A great role model for #13 FCIRs is the fellow who won gold in the 400 meter, Wayde van Niekerk. Not only did he win gold, but he also beat Michael Johnson’s (#2 BEAR) 17-year old world record with a 43.03 second run, 0.15 of a second faster than Johnson’s time in 1999. And get this … he’s coached by his 73-year old great-grandmother! I was running blind all the way, van Niekerk said. I thought someone was going to catch me what’s going on, what’s going on, and it gave me motivation to keep on pushing. Check out the interview below.



Next there is Helen Maroulis of the United States, who defeated Japan’s Saori Yoshida 4-1 in the 53-kilogram freestyle final to win the first-ever gold medal for an American women’s wrestler. Helen is a tough-cookie, for sure, though not to the same degree in terms of tenacity as #6 BEIR Majlinda Kelmendi of Kosovo, who we highlighted last week.

Last but not least is Michael Phelps, who won an astounding 5 gold medals in Rio. Phelps is a machine geared for swimming, a powerhouse of energy. He now has 23 gold medals in all. Among other factors, #13s are gifted in the diaphragm region, which is crucial for optimal breathing, and is ideal for the swimming circuit. Phelps may well be the most accomplished and decorated #13 FCIR of all time.

Though there are more, these are just a few notable #13s who brought home gold in Rio. Congratulations!

Written by: Staff