Brain Type enthusiasts know the #6 BEIR can be a feisty, fiery design. Even under an outwardly cool personality lies a competitive hidden tiger within, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. So, when Abe Pollin saw the often calm and collected Michael Jordan all-of-a-sudden hit the fan in a tirade of angry emotion, he was shocked. Had he known MJ’s Brain Type, however, he wouldn’t and shouldn’t have been.

In a new-published memoir, Pollin’s wife, Irene, shares a story that happened back when Jordan was with the Washington Wizards, first managing them and then playing alongside them. Michael committed to playing on the court with the team for a year or two, but after the end of the second season, Michael began admitting he’d made mistakes. Jordan felt, however, “that he had grown as a manager and was now committed to coming back the following year and improving the team.” So, he met with Abe to renegotiate his contract, desiring to return as president of basketball operations. However, after “failing to make the playoffs, friction between him and some of the players and the coach he hired there was a lot of skepticism among the owners. His new hires had raised questions about his abilities as a talent evaluator, and there were the questions of how much time he was spending on the job.”

Abe scheduled the meeting with MJ, knowing it would be a difficult one. “They all liked and admired Michael; it was purely business.”  What transpired, however, was something Pollin will never forget. Repeating the phrase that they needed to go in a different direction, Michael lost it. “He became very angry and began shouting. At that point, Abe walked out of the room as Michael called him several unflattering names. Michael stormed out of the room, went down to the parking garage, jumped into his Mercedes convertible with Illinois license plates, took the top down, and drove directly back to Chicago.”

Irene goes on to say, “He (Abe) never expected such a reaction. He’d always been a good negotiator. People always responded to him positively in those situations because he was cool and fair. This had never happened to him. It probably was a first for Michael as well. Nobody had probably said no to him in a long time.”

MJ, as the dominant Inanimate “Tactician”, wanted things his way or the highway, and blew up when he didn’t get it (#6s also highly value their freedom). Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, “As a parent of a BEIR, be sure you are in charge. They can especially be prone to self-centeredness and willfulness.” Jordan was raised rather well by parents (#6 BEIR father), but those days are long gone. He has been his own man for a very long time now, and certainly answers to no one. Pollin simply released Jordan’s inner tiger.

“During the following week, while we were taking a few days in Rehoboth, Abe was still visibly upset.” We all can get angry, but Abe Pollin, had he known MJ’s design, could have been much better prepared for it!

Written by: Staff
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