Our heart goes out to athletes who struggle with drugs during and after their careers. Often they’re used as a means to cope with pain, but then spiral out of control. Especially for those who are Right brain dominant (along with other genetic factors), addiction can only be one step away. One recent case of an athlete who has hit rock bottom is Todd Marinovich, former USC and Raiders quarterback who was arrested naked with marijuana, according to police. Marinovich is/was a talented #5 FEIR, and at only 47-years of age, looks closer to 60. He was cited and released for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Amazingly, the Raiders selected Marinovich in the first round of the 1991 NFL draft ahead of superstar and fellow #5 Brett Favre. Tood has struggled with his addictions for years, and was even arrested for cocaine possession a month after the 1990 Sun Bowl. Due to repeated drug use, he was was removed from the Raiders roster after only two seasons. In 1997, “he pleaded guilty to felony charges that he was cultivating marijuana in his Dana Point home and a misdemeanor charge of illegally possessing prescription medicine.”  He was again arrested in 2000 and 2005.

Todd is married (though now estranged) and the father of two children. According to his wife, He seems to self-sabotage. He feels he isn’t deserving of love and having good things happen to him. His biggest worry is that people will judge him. When he’s sober, she says, he’s a wonderful dad but seems haunted by his addiction.

Drug addiction has been the battle for many athletes of all Types, including Darryl Strawberry (#6 BEIR), Michael Phelps (#13 FCIR), Rasheed Wallace (#3 FEAL), Dwight Gooden (#9 FCAR), etc. Fortunately for people like Michael Phelps, however, he was able to overcome it, and it is our hope and prayer that Todd is able to do the same, and quickly.

Written by: Staff
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