Some of these are just too funny. We’re talking about “The 50 Most Unsportsmanlike Acts in Sports History,” and several of them are only too Brain Type-classic. Let’s go over just a few.

49. Roger Clemens fires a bat shard at Mike Piazza.

Roger Clemens is a #6 BEIR, arguably the most fiery of the 16 Brain Types. After Mike Piazza (#5 FEIR) shattered his bat while hitting, Clemens picked up a two foot shard of wood and threw it back at Mike. “I thought it was the ball” he can be seen mouthing afterwards. Uhh … yeah, right, Roger!

44. Ndamukong Suh stomps on Evan Dietrich-Smith

When Ndamukong Suh ended up on top of the Packers’ Evan Dietrich-Smith, he decided to slam his opponent’s head into the ground three times and then stomp on him for good measure. Which Brain Type is most apt to react physically and emotionally in-the-moment? Yep, the #1 FEAR, and that’s what Suh is.

43. Scottie Pippen refuses to go into game because the final play wasn’t designed for him

Dominant Animates are prone to pout, and that’s exactly what Scottie Pippen (#2 BEAR) did in 1994 when coach Phil Jackson (#16 BCIL) drew a plan to give the ball to Toni Kukoc (#15 FCIL) at the end of the game instead of him. As a result, Pippen refused to enter the game. Toni ended up winning the game for the Bulls, but Pippen had clearly made his statement while demonstrating a me-first (versus team-first) mindset. (Considering another #2… can you say Kobe?)

42. Michael Jordan punches Steve Kerr in the face during practice

Don’t get a #6 BEIR mad. During one heated practice, Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL) took exception to Michael Jordan’s trash talking and got in MJ’s face (leave it to the rules-abiding, civil-minded #8 trying to win through words in combat). It was the wrong move, as Jordan clocked Kerr big-time (though #6s can lash out with words Bobby Knight, Pat Summit, et al they rely more on street combat, unless they’re in public; then again, Mike Tyson didn’t care). When Steve got back home, however, there was already a message on Kerr’s answering machine with MJ apologizing.

41. Kevin Garnett calls Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient”

The #9 FCAR talks a lot, and as a result can say some pretty stupid things (think of Kanye West). Kevin Garnett did just that when he said Charlie Villanueva (#13 FCIR) looked like a cancer patient due to a life-long skin disorder that left him bald. This did not go over well with the medical community, or any community for that matter. Kevin later clarified that he said Villanueva was “cancerous to your team and our league.”  Hmmm …

39. Charles Barkley unintentionally spits on a little girl sitting courtside

Yeah, the #1 FEAR is prone to spit sometimes. Charles Barkley got irked when a Nets fan heckled him with racial slurs, and lashed out by trying to spit on the fan. Instead of landing on the heckler, however, the spittle hit a little girl. Anyone also remember Roberto Alomar (#1 FEAR)? Remember when he spit in the face of an umpire, later claiming Hirschbeck had used a degrading ethnic slur against him? The moral of the story is … leave a #1‘s family heritage alone!

33. Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson put on a boxing display

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s round 3 of Mike Tyson vs. Mike Tyson! Or shall we say, one #6 BEIR against another #6 BEIR! That’s what happened when Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson got into a boxing match in 1998, taking wild swings at each other that quickly cleared both benches. Who will ever forget the hilarious image of 5’9″ Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy (#15 FCIL) hanging onto Mourning’s leg?

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