It was a tragic accident, and it could not have happened to a more friendly individual. Jose Fernandez of the Florida Marlins, one of the top pitchers in baseball, was killed in a boating accident in Florida early Sunday morning after it reportedly crashed into a jetty while going at high speeds. “The Coast Guard arrived on the scene around 3 a.m. to find a 32-foot boat upside down on a jetty off Miami Beach. Two of the victims were found dead under the vessel. One was found dead in the water. None of the deceased was wearing a life vest.”

Fernandez was a happy-go-lucky #1 FEAR who threw for power and speed. Manager Don Mattingly, an intense, tough-minded #6 BEIR, broke down in tears during Sunday’s news conference, stating that Fernandez played with the “joy” of a “little boy.” Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman said, That smile I’m not going to see anymore. That personality and that love of the game, the love of everything, really. He was so accessible too.”

Per the wishes of fellow #1 FEAR David Ortiz, the Tampa Bay Rays canceled a scheduled pregame ceremony to recognize Ortiz’s retirement, and instead took a moment to honor Fernandez. Ortiz was seen in tears during the moment of silence. “I don’t have the words to describe the pain I feel,” Ortiz said.

The smile, the love of everything, the joy of a little boy … yes, Jose was the quintessential #1 who came from a humble background. Born in Cuba, he attempted to defect to the United States three times, only to fail each time and serve a prison term. Along with his mother and sister, Fernandez successfully defected in 2007, in which his mother fell overboard when the boat hit turbulent waters. Amazingly, Jose, not even knowing who it was who fell overboard, dove in and rescued her, saving her life. To many, he was a hero both on and off the field.

Check out Fernandez’s pitching style in the amateur video below. Veteran Brain Typists should be able to detect his smooth, gross-motor throw.



Written by: Staff
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