It is fun to follow-up on former athletes every so often to see what they are up to now. Of course, we always hope they’re not in jail, or have become drug addicts, which sadly is not all too uncommon these days.

Does anyone remember Tyrus Thomas? He spent 8 seasons in the NBA with several teams, and then dropped out after the 2015 season. Now, Thomas is a co-owner of the Everything Philly sandwich shop near Louisiana State University, and he is spending his time helping out the needy in his hometown of Baton Rouge after the devastating rains that hit only a few weeks ago. Tyrus wants to return to the NBA, but thus far hasn’t had a team approach him. If something changes, it changes. But right now I don’t have any expectations, Thomas said. Realistically, I can’t say I am ready to hoop and I am going to have teams knocking at my door. I ain’t no fool. I am living life. I got a lot of purpose helping people. Apparently, I am doing what a lot of people work their lives to do, and that’s find their purpose.

A #9 FCAR, Thomas is using his design to do what it was designed for off the court. The #9 in particular enjoys connecting with people at an emotional level while meeting their needs, not only to make others feel good, but to feel good about themselves. Racial tensions have long endured in the city of Baton Rouge, but according to Thomas, “This is the most peace my city has seen in my 30 years. Without thinking, a man from Glen Oaks in Baton Rouge with 10 tattoos on his face with gold teeth, dreadlocks and he never wears his pants on his waist not saying that means anything about his character but watch this, when he goes off his boat and is jumping in the water, saving old white people without thinking twice When you got rednecks with Confederate flags on their boats, but they are diving in the water saving black folks without thinking about it You have a Confederate flag on your boat and you’re saving black folks? It took all of this to show that you are human. As $#&% as things are, it could go good if we keep it up.

Then there is former Miami Heat center Eddy Curry, a rare #4 BEAL who now spends his time sharing with kids the lessons he learned in the basketball school of hard knocks. A funny comment one author of an article writes … “At the onset, the 7-foot basketball star looked much more comfortable proving himself on the court than in front of an audience an inspirational speaker.” To be sure, the Back-brain, typically-sheepish #4 is one of the least naturally gifted speakers of the 16 Brain Types. They would much rather converse with you one-on-one for real, down-to-earth conversation. At any rate, Curry said his only regret was “not attending college and participating in the rites of passage, like living in a dorm, or experiencing the growth and maturity so many NBA players received as college athletes.”  Not surprising, knowing his Left brain, responsibility-driven design! Still, Curry got into a bit of trouble during his career (strange sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him). “When I was at my wildest, that is what suffered the most,” he said. The #4 in particular can be easily manipulated by their peers (wanting acceptance), and Curry’s behavior went south after being traded from Chicago to New York.

“When I was in Chicago, they babied me in Chicago. They really kind of sheltered and kept us kind of concealed and didn’t let us get into a lot of stuff. Then I went to New York and it was total opposite. It was like boom,” he said.

Written by: Staff
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