Do you know much about the #10 BCAR? They are typically playful, fun-loving people who just want to get along with the world and be appreciated for their talents. Their nickname is the “Idealist”, meaning they seek for perfect peace, harmony, and tranquility in life. If they don’t find it, they can be easily discouraged.

On this note, while some athletes in sports have been sitting or kneeling during the national anthem, the NBA’s George Hill and some teammates have been doing something else. We wanted to all be together and embrace . That’s what we think the world really needs is unity and togetherness. Yes, unity and togetherness are important for the dominant Animate #10.

And on the note of playfulness, Jordan Clarkson was quite playful after he heard Luke Walton (#6 BEIR) had been hired by his Los Angeles Laker team. When he (Luke) got hired I ran around my house for like 5 minutes. Jumped over the couch like 3 or 4 times in excitement. Lol, we guarantee you someone like Pau Gasol (#15 FCIL) wouldn’t be seen jumping over couches even if he were just as excited as Jordan! (The Left-brainer would also likely hurt himself.) If Clarkson had been, in fact, the actual Peter Pan when he heard the news, we guarantee you he would have flown over the couch!

Written by: Staff