The “Introvert” is finally beginning to show his true colors, or shall we say “genetic makeup,” also known as genotype. His persona, or phenotype, has long been described as quiet, but we have been telling BTInsiders from the beginning that he is clearly Front brain dominant and high energy. We are talking about the NBA’s Kawhi Leonard, a #13 FCIR, who is being pushed by coach Gregg Popovich (#16 BCIL) to be the voice of his Spurs team. I’ve been in the system a long time,” says Kawhi. “I know what Pop expects. Since I know what to do and what areas we’re lacking in, I can now be vocal with the young guys.

During a recent game, Popovich was reportedly very pleased at how easily “the once-reluctant star communicated.” Said Gregg, He talks in timeouts now. He’s joking with people more. You can see he demands the ball more and people know how to play with him in the middle of everything.

The beauty of Brain Typing is seeing past the persona and revealing what people truly are, genetically, on the inside. Leonard is innately gifted to be a speaker and leader, and the ease with which he has learned to communicate comes as no surprise to those who knew of his Q1 inborn design. If he can stay disciplined (quality of the Left hemisphere), while keeping his Right brain calm and collected, Leonard could and should well become the new trusted voice of the San Antonio Spurs.

Written by: Staff
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