Tim Duncan (#2 BEAR) is now retired, and coach Greg Popovich will no longer be bringing him carrot cake. “Say what?” you ask. It was a road ritual between the coach and player. Greg knew Tim loved carrot cake, so while on the road he would often leave a package from a nearby restaurant outside Tim Duncan’s hotel door. Inside, of course, was carrot cake. But now, he will no longer be bringing carrot cake.

He’s gone, Popovich said this week. I’ve put it out of my mind.

The author goes on to write, “As if that is possible.”

Actually, Mr. Author, that is possible, or at least more possible with certain Brain Types that are not overly sentimental. As a Q4 #16 BCIL, Greg is the most independent of the 16 designs. This is why they often appear cold and aloof unless they purposely develop a warmer method of relating. To say the least, Popovich did not develop this “warmer method” of relating (ala fellow #16 Jimmy Carter), and has long been known for his unsociable demeanor.

At any rate, Pop is ready for another NBA season, sticking to his trusted tried and true methods as is so very typical of the #16Same culture, same philosophy, he said. I only know what I know. We’ll hang our hat on defense. We just don’t have the greatest power forward of all-time playing for us anymore.

Written by: Staff
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