Opinion – Election 2016: Wake Up America!

Regarding the 2016 Presidential election, it’s time to try to put recent events into perspective, including the bigger picture, just before our country is likely to enter a period of calamity AFTER November 8. Regardless of the election outcome, very tough times are ahead. If folks think it’s been traumatizing up till now, they haven’t seen anything yet. How can we declare such alarming news? For followers of BTI, you regularly witness our accurate predictions, not through our own wisdom but borrowing from heaven’s. We, like you, only need to follow 2 of its basic messages to glean this insight.

First, understanding how mankind has been genetically differentiated into 16 astounding inborn designs, all intended to work synergistically rather than fractiously (as in 2016), we and others with such knowledge can predict how each BT will essentially behave (in mind and motor). This realm is about nature, that which is the genotype or our individual DNA.

The second is about nurture, that which comes after the egg and sperm decide to unite, by heaven’s design. Countless factors affect nurture as we regularly share with you, and these earthly influences can be dramatic, to say the least.Sometimes they influence 2 people with the same BT to differ drastically: one becomes a pious priest and the other a pugilistic prisoner.

Bottom line, however, the moral and ethical values (or lack thereof) each person decides to pursue in the nurturing process set the stage for a lifetime of either heavenly harmony or hellacious havoc, or somewhere between.

The present 2016 election events are surreal. Yet, if one has realistically monitored our world and its diverse behaviors, nothing should come as a surprise. Mankind can be guaranteed to act according to inborn BT, a lifetime of nurturing or environmental influences, and last but not the least, individual ethics and morality. That’s it, folks (except for isolated physiological aberrations).

Heaven has written that mankind can only achieve genuine peace and harmony by following its timeless standards and principles. Through the most historically researched, validated, and popular of all Scriptures, the sacred Bible, we discover the personal Creator of all matter has left us all a Manufacturer’s handbook. Within it, every possible scenario and potential problem with its perfect solution is provided. The warranty period is timeless.

Whether we like it or not, our country was originally designed by unique laws of high moral and ethical standards. Above all, these were not enacted to ensure public piety but rather an enduring, lasting, and stable nation. Even the least religious of our early Framers realized and agreed with this. The highly-educated Founders were well aware of previous societies and civilizations through history and what led to each’s downfall. Additionally, a healthy democratic Republic had never before been established. Considering all other failed approaches eventually led to tyrannical leaders and amoral standards, our Founders realized they needed to follow the parameters of Sacred scripture, especially the Old Testament. Here, God gave the Israelites some 600 laws that were crucial for a nation’s stability covering every conceivable and political issue. From these, 10 were especially significant, essentially summarizing all the rest.

For those of us who do not know, the Biblical God established the first 4 Commandments as vertical, the remaining 6 horizontal. In other words, 1-4 were directed to heaven and making matters right with Him, while 5-10 looked sideways to our fellow mankind while embracing the Golden Rule. Heaven’s GR says to honor, cherish, and even esteem others more importantly than self. Tragically for all of us, mankind has disregarded God’s GR and since created our own GR which says:  It’s all about me and my wants, and if you get in my way or have what I want, I’m likely gonna take it, especially if I can get away with it.

Once again, America’s Founders repeatedly stated and knew full well, regardless of their individual spiritual conditions, that a Biblical ethic was crucial for any society to achieve and maintain health. Yet what has since happened? Why now the dearth of Constitutional and Founders reminders in our mainstream society, media, and even educational circles? ts actually simple to understand, requiring no more than the intelligence of a poached egg.

In essence, our society no longer wants heavenly accountability. Instead, we’ve nearly all become little gods, each establishing his or her own criteria for life and its standards. Do you realize atheists really don’t exist, despite those who claim otherwise? We each have our own g(God); most choose SELF as the lone deity to be followed. This is a disaster in the making, considering each of us determines one’s personal ethics which are always subjective and forever changing, especially when we’re experiencing anxiety or pressure.

As each of us gains more power and prestige, without adopting immutable, heavenly guidelines, our endemic and tainted nature gives less regard to others about us. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t long before tyrannical traits surface, but in today’s contemporary world it’s now becoming what is defined as totalitarianism. With modern technology, those of us gaining power (and especially the evil elites) can impose chains without limit. Not only consider how world spy agencies gather endless info on each of us, and rarely for good, but just read the famed Orwell’s, 1984, or Huxley’s  Brave New World for starters. Once considered fictional, they are now books of reality.

Bottom line, the only nation with lasting, continuing freedoms and inalienable rights must put heavenly Scripture front and center. Even Erich Fromm, the notable German psychoanalyst, knew this full well. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family but later to disavow it all, the also humanistic, socialistic philosopher stated that without a heavenly Deity, there is no such things as inalienable rights; man is incapable of granting himself a right that is untouchable. Fromm, like the vast majority today, had nothing to do with heavenly oversight;  instead, he exhorted us all to be independent of morals set in stone (or on Scriptural paper) and to establish all standards through reason.

Had Erich a clue about BT, or even taken a thoughtful introspection of the many he counseled and taught, he would have seen the many and incompatible capacities of human reasoning (starting with emotional vs inanimate intelligence EQ vs IQ). Nowadays, even those with no formal education yet with an understanding and experience with BT, quickly realize there can never be unanimity when it comes to processing and judging how matters should be settled. Without a trustworthy and righteous outside Source, each of the 16 inborn designs can only have its own myopic view and opinion. Major disagreements are guaranteed.

All this to say that as Biblical absolutes have been tossed to the curb in our once-healthy and stable USA, disruptive conditions in society are inevitable. Short of national repentance, as the godless city of Nineveh and its king miraculously did in the Old Testament, America’s days are numbered, sooner than later. As foreign enemies have bragged in recent years, the U.S. will fall from within;  an outside shot needn’t be fired. Sadly especially for our childrens sakes, we’re basically there.

If any or all of our country’s Founders could return to implore us for the 2016 election, there is no doubt for whom they would advocate. Though individual character would matter, their prime consideration, by far, would be the moral positions one is promoting. It would start with the 10 Commandments. What does his or her political party stand for? Is it consistent with God’s unwavering moral absolutes and His Golden Rule? Until recent years, the 2 political party platforms were quite similar pertaining to moral standards. Far from it in 2016. (Do you remember just a few years ago, the 1 party overtly threw God out of their platform! His existence wasn’t to be mentioned anymore, as it always had prior.)

Thus, it’s quite simple come Tuesday. Do we want the holy God guaranteed judgment, or blessing? Oh may we be as wise as Nineveh and not as ignorant as Sodom. We have the simple choice between 2 flawed #15 FCIL Brain Types. One party stands for Judeo-Christian standards and the other for their disintegration choosing instead forever-changing standards based upon the elites oft-wicked whims.

One final and sobering heads-up: Regardless of which presidential candidate wins, chaos appears to soon consume America (and far beyond ISIS, the flood of illegal and unvetted aliens, etc.). If Donald is victorious, trouble will likely hit the streets (and beyond), already witnessed through the nefarious actions of paid protesters and instigators the past few months (thanks to rich Dem benefactors.) Conversely, If Hillary wins, it’s unlikely millions of U.S. patriots will easily relinquish their Constitutional rights, starting with the First and Second Amendments.

God help us, but why should He when we’ve already kicked him out of the public square, schools, most churches and synagogues, and even our very own homes?